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Matt’s latest single, ‘Why Him’, is a very personal song with a universal theme – the need to let go of someone who doesn’t appreciate or reciprocate your love and uses you for comfort when other relationships fall to pieces.  

“Why Him" is an ode to an old flame and her unfortunate taste in men,” explains Matt. “I suppose it's one of the definitive songs I use to vent about a specific and astronomically complicated situation I found myself in after parting ways with someone. Ultimately, if you're feeling a little sour or spiteful about a dreaded ex, this is the song for you.”

Peach van Pletzen (Planet Awesome Studios), who produced ‘Why Him’, had a great time in studio with Matt. “Matt was one of the easiest guys to work with in studio,” he says. “He has great vocal tone and delivery and is tight on the guitar; he made my job very easy! He is also a super talented songwriter to boot."

Matt’s previous single, ‘High’ has been playlisted on major national radio stations, and is currently charting at  #2 on the highly regarded 5FM Indie Chart. 

Why Him’ has already hit the airwaves on MFM, Bay FM, PUK FM and many more.

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Matt  Carstens has captivated audiences nationwide with his mature mastering of his guitar and skill on his looping station. He creates a diverse show with these elements that blows people away with every strum. The album is no different. It takes the audience on a very personal journey Matt took to relocate across the country and all the heartache and joy that comes with that. 

2D Heart

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"We are the wild ones,

and this is our revolution"



" 2D Heart refers to how my thoughts and emotions tend to be a little two-dimensional sometimes and only with time can we learn and grow. This whole album has been such a learning curve and emotional rollercoaster. "