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Matt’s latest single, ‘High’, was written about love that is doomed to fail. Although this can seem like a pretty grim subject matter, he set out to explore the notion in positive ways as well.

“The main message is that we should all try to live in the moment despite our fear of getting hurt or being unsure of the future,” says Matt. “Pain is hard to deal with, but it is also a very important part of the spectrum of human emotion; we all
share it and the best way to deal with it is to find a way to grow from it. In the end, we should respect ourselves, live with as few regrets as we can and learn not to neglect our own wellbeing when focussing on that of another.”

Peach van Pletzen (Planet Awesome Studios), who produced ‘High’, had a great time in the studio with Matt. "Matt was one of the easiest guys to work with in the studio,” he says. “He has great vocal tone and delivery and is tight on the guitar; he made my job very easy! He also a super talented songwriter to boot." - Ice Carstens Publicity

Matt  Carstens has captivated audiences nationwide with his mature mastering of his guitar and skill on his looping station. He creates a diverse show with these elements that blows people away with every strum. The album is no different. It takes the audience on a very personal journey Matt took to relocate across the country and all the heartache and joy that comes with that. 

2D Heart

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"We are the wild ones,

and this is our revolution"



" 2D Heart refers to how my thoughts and emotions tend to be a little two-dimensional sometimes and only with time can we learn and grow. This whole album has been such a learning curve and emotional rollercoaster. "